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Take the short cut to a new car

Introducing novated leasing the RemServ way



Take the short cut to a new car

Introducing novated leasing the RemServ way

Novated leasing

Novated leasing is when you pay for a new car and its running costs with money from your salary, before tax is taken out. It’s 100% approved by the Australian Tax Office, and means you could end up paying less tax. Yet there are even more benefits that our customers love, like how it helps with budgeting.

Novated leasing makes budgeting a breeze

When you choose novated leasing, we’ll work with you to calculate your new car’s running costs and what your budget could look like. One regular payment, drawn from your salary each pay covers car payments, fuel, registration, insurance and servicing. Due to this one regular payment, you’ve already pre-budgeted for any costs that may come up. From now on, you’ll never need to worry about what’s around the bend.

Thanks to novated leasing with RemServ, you’re driving a new car much sooner, plus the peace of mind that your budget’s always under control. Leaving you to just get behind the wheel and drive.

More features and benefits of salary packaging a car

Tax savings/no GST

With a novated lease, part of your payments come from your pre-tax salary, so your taxable income could be reduced and you may end up paying less tax throughout the year.
Plus, you could save on GST on the purchase price of the new car.


Say goodbye to bill shock. With a fully maintained novated lease, one regular payroll deduction covers all your car’s running costs.
Plus your handy fuel card means you’ll never need cash when you drive.


Our qualified and experienced team of mechanics will ensure all works carried out on your car meets with the car manufacturer’s standards. So you can stress less when it comes to looking after your car.

Great deals on your choice of car

Our nationwide buying power means we get competitive prices on new cars. And you choose the car – whether it’s new or used – or even your existing car depending on how old it is.

One stop shop

RemServ does the heavy lifting for you. We can source your car, negotiate a great deal, manage the paperwork and even arrange the finance and insurance.

Easy Budgeting

We’ll create a manageable budget covering all your lease repayments and running costs in one regular payment. No more bill-juggling!

A short cut to knowing everything about novated leasing

Chat to a consultant who’ll tailor a budget that’s perfect for you

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